About Morpho

Morpho Luxury Asset Management is part of Morpho Group – the international luxury asset and lifestyle manager.

Morpho offers exclusive membership to ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and family offices. It provides bespoke solutions in the field of luxury asset and lifestyle management.

Consulting, training and advisory services are delivered to luxury brands, universities, the superyacht sector and the hospitality industry.

Morpho specialises in luxury assets: superyachts, aircraft, private residential real estate, private islands, wine and art collections, luxury hotels, restaurants and private clubs.

Morpho makes the life of the wealthy easier by developing consistent service standards across global assets, solving problems before they arise, and spotting opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Morpho’s comprehensive services range from acquisition, development, set-up, management and charter of luxury assets, to recruiting, headhunting, asset and service audits, mystery guest visits, training, background checks, risk and lifestyle management.

Morpho was founded by Neil Anthony Richmond, a former single family office executive and estate manager who is fully qualified as a banker, cordon bleu chef and British butler.

Morpho’s associates include Michelin-starred chefs, award-winning academics, and well known authorities in design, yachting, property, wine, aviation, hospitality, art, law and security.

Morpho is frequently featured as an industry expert in family office and superyacht media, and has been interviewed by the BBC World Service.

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